About Us

Terminal B is a new luxury fragrance brand company founded by two travelers who are passionate about all things travel, aviation, passport stamps and unique experiences one can only find in specific locations around the world. Terminal B specializes in telling stories through scent blends to create an olfactory journey of wanderlust without leaving your home.

Founded in 2020 by Fay & Chris Breedlove, Terminal B pays homage to experiences both home and overseas having traveled to over 44 cities, 14 countries, 5 continents with 4 layovers at airports from Taipei to Abu Dhabi.

The inspiration behind Terminal B is two-fold: Los Angeles is a gateway destination for many but for us, L.A. is home. As residents of Los Angeles County, we often travel through Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX to get to other destinations around the world. The letter “B” is also significant as it is the first initial of our last name so this is a very personal and authentic passion project as we only blend scents for cities and countries that we’ve visited.

Fay has long been long interested in scents since childhood but took time to educate herself on the foundation of perfumery over the past couple of years. Her passion along with the unique ability for scent to trigger specific memories, created the perfect medium to express her affinity for travel; scents inspired by wanderlust.  

In our world, we seek to bring you inspirational scent blends that tell a story highlighting our experience in each location from Los Angeles to Cape Town. Every candle is thoughtfully curated, hand poured in small batches and packaged in Los Angeles County. Our black matte vessels and black labels are designed to create a luxurious environment reminiscent of a first-class amenity. Our candles are packaged in signature dust bags that can serve as a premium amenity bag for carry-on and checked-in luggage.

We invite you to share our love for travel, one scent at a time.