Our Story

TERMINAL B is a luxury fragrance brand founded in 2020 by Chris & Fay Breedlove, a husband-and-wife team that is passionate about all things international travel, aviation, and passport stamps.

Chris & Fay met as students at Howard University, and fell in love with travel as their relationship blossomed. Throughout their courtship and marriage, they've traveled to over 44 cities, 14 countries, 5 continents with layovers from Taipei to Abu Dhabi. 

As avid travelers, when COVID-19 Travel Restrictions were implemented Chris & Fay sought out a way to recreate the feeling of travel, at home. With scent's unique ability to trigger memories and Fay's long time passion for perfumery, they sought out to create a fragrance company with the intent to "bring abroad home". 

In creating the concept of TERMINAL B, Chris & Fay were intentional and authentic to travel. With each scent named by airport code of corresponding location, TERMINAL B speaks the language of travel. Further as Los Angeles residents, they travel through Tom Bradley International Terminal (Terminal B) at LAX to get to other destinations around the world. The letter “B” is also significant as it is the first initial of their last name, maintaining a personal and authentic touch, reflective of the fact they only blend scents for locations they’ve visited.

The Breedloves are inspired by one of a kind experiences you can only find in specific locations around the world. Through TERMINAL B, they seek to share their personal experiences in each location from, Los Angeles to Cape Town, through unique scent blends to create an olfactory journey of wanderlust without leaving your home.

We invite you to share our love for travel, one scent at a time.