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Lavender & Eucalyptus


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Also available as a travel tin

Fresh eucalyptus and soothing lavender that creates a spa-like atmosphere, perfect to relax to before a long haul flight...

Volume: 10.5 oz; Height: 4 in; Diameter: 3 1/4 in; Burn Time: 60+ hours depending on use and proper candle care.

Customer Reviews

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Scent Filled my House

This candle filled my house in the first 15 minutes. It has a beautiful clean scent. I was surprised that it was so powerful because before I lit it, the smell of the candle seemed on the gentle side but I wanted a fresh scent so I still bought it anyway and I am so happy I did! This is a very strong candle with a beautiful scent that carries. I had also bought another fresh scent candle from a different company that smelled nice and strong before I lit it, but the scent barely filled my living room, while the Terminal B DPT candle traveled from my living room to the kitchen and the bedrooms!! So I don't know the secret but Terminal B has figured out how to create candles that fill your entire house with a luxury scent in minutes!

Right now I just lit the candle in my living room and that reminded me to write this review and now I'm standing in my bathroom and it smells like the whole candle is in my bathroom. Pure Magic. Seriously: what was I doing before Terminal B??????


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