SBA - Santa Barbara <br> White Neroli & Sweet Jasmine
SBA - Santa Barbara <br> White Neroli & Sweet Jasmine
SBA - Santa Barbara <br> White Neroli & Sweet Jasmine - Terminal B Store
SBA - Santa Barbara <br> White Neroli & Sweet Jasmine - Terminal B Store

SBA - Santa Barbara
White Neroli & Sweet Jasmine

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Also Available as a Travel Tin

Santa Barbara (Airport Code: SBA), a beautiful coastal city less than a two hour drive from Los Angeles, is recognized for its Mediterranean climate, Spanish colonial revival architecture, diverse portfolio of wineries & vineyards and exclusive estates hidden in the rolling hills of Santa Barbara County. Unbeknownst to many, Santa Barbara is home to fragrant citrus groves located in the Ojai Valley that produce orange blossoms from which neroli is derived from. Jasmine is another distinct flower that blooms throughout Southern California and its intoxicating sweet aroma can be enjoyed from Santa Barbara to Baja California. Our SBA candle marries white neroli and sweet jasmine and adds a touch of petitgrain that celebrates the rich, floral landscape of sunny Santa Barbara as an extension of Southern California.

Volume: 10.5 oz; Height: 4 in; Diameter: 3 1/4 in; Burn Time: 60+ hours depending on use and proper candle care.

Customer Reviews

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Beth Nast
Lovely candle and smell

I love the candle: Naroli and Jasmine which takes me back to Santa Barbara and the glass holder is just as lovely (black and white)…The idea and the execution of these candles and the price point are spot on perfect….Thank You

Lyndon Crawford
None Better

The quality that oozes from Terminal B candles is top of the line. I would put Terminal B's candles up against any top quality candle and bet on Terminal B's candles coming out on top. Everything from the packaging, to the sophistication of the actual candle holder, to the small things like a handwritten note in ever order makes this so much more than "just a candle". This candle brings me such joy and the fragrance is SO strong but pure. Even without lighting the candle the scent can fill up a room. Please continue to do what you do and know that it is appreciated greatly!

Ashley Henderson
Smells amazing!

I love the scent and it fills the whole room ❤️

Simone Jordan
Beautiful candle!

I received the Santa Barbara (SBA) candle and I have to say that this candle is absolutely beautiful! The scent is fresh and has this cozy/homey type of feeling - it's very comforting. The idea of having candle scents based on top travel destinations is so unique. The design is simplistic but stunning at the same time, the all black design can blend in easily with any decor. I am excited to try out the other airport codes! :-)


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