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LAX - Los Angeles <br> Tabac & Smoked Leather <br> Travel Tin - Terminal B Store

LAX - Los Angeles
Tabac & Smoked Leather
Travel Tin

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Los Angeles (Airport Code: LAX) is the land of beautiful weather, sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, hot deserts, green parks and gorgeous rooftops that give access to Southern California's skylines enhanced by sepia sunsets that take your photos to theatrical heights. For many, Los Angeles is the City of Dreams but to us, L.A. is home. Our LAX candle pays homage to the City of Los Angeles, California. Top notes of fig, bergamot, a heart of jasmine and dried tobacco pair beautifully with a base of smoked leather that set the stage for this candle. Sexy, bold, mysterious and as eclectic as the “City of Angels."

Volume: 4 oz; Height: 2 in; Diameter: 2 1/2 in; Burn Time: 15-20 hours depending on use and proper candle care.  

Customer Reviews

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Great Size

This size is called a travel tin but it's pretty big. It's a great size for a bedroom. I give them as gifts. LAX specifically is a great man gift because it has a rich smokey leather scent that's velvety smooth.

LAX - you know the vibe

LAX smells a bit like the Bungalow.... or that lo-key charming hot guy you randomly bumped into getting breakfast to go at Republique. He might be a model/actor..he might wrench on vintage motorcycles...he might do multi-million-dollar real estate deals. Does it really matter? That look in his eye says it'll be fun to find out.

If you know that guy... or you are that guy, this is the scent for you. Deliciously masculine, woodsy & smokey.

Bought this with EZE & LVR. Each one is unique and amazing. Thank you!


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