CDG - Paris <br> Roses Musk - Terminal B Store
CDG - Paris <br> Roses Musk - Terminal B Store

CDG - Paris
Roses Musk

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Also Available as a Travel Tin

CDG reflects the beauty, sensuality and sophistication of Paris, France. Our candle seeks to transport you to “The City of Lights” with this beautifully blended candle that fills the room with a fresh floral and musky aroma. Top notes of dewy, fresh cut roses exude a sweet yet complex scent reminiscent of walking into a perfumed boutique situated along the Avenues des Champs-Élysées. There is a sparkling, aromatic musk that pays tribute to La Tour Eiffel that shimmers at sunset. Floral undertones in this blend paint a picture of moments spent in the expansive gardens of Versailles. The candle blend is best paired with a glass of sparkling champagne and macarons.

Volume: 10.5 oz; Height: 4 in; Diameter: 3 1/4 in; Burn Time: 60+ hours depending on use and proper candle care.

Customer Reviews

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This is probably the only candle I will ever buy for the rest of my life. I used to buy Jo Malone but it's Terminal B now. This candle smells like Somebody's Son filled my house with 1000 red roses. My front door and my backdoor are open and my entire house still smells beautiful. I blow it out at night and my house still smells beautiful in the morning. If you live in a small apartment you will probably only need to burn this candle an hour a day and you'll still be about to enjoy the scent all day. It's simply the best. You can tell it was made with love. ❤

John Christie
Aroma and packaging is top notch

Really can’t go 24 hours w/o lighting this thing. Smells incredible, can overpower the worst of aroma, and the packaging is sleek and classy. The free sample that came with it was also amazing so I’ll be coming back.

James B.
Love the scent. Love the packaging!

I bought one candle, and was so pleased I bought 5 more. Great gift for family and friends. Really smells great and the reusable top keeps great scent.

Brittney C
Candles made with love

First I want to say all of the candles smell amazing . I brought two candles last week EZE & CDG . These candles makes the whole entire house smell so good ! I was out on my balcony and could smell it all the way outside I live in a decent size apartment. I will be back for more…


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