DPS - Bali <br> Damask Rose & Oud
DPS - Bali <br> Damask Rose & Oud
DPS - Bali <br> Damask Rose & Oud
DPS - Bali <br> Damask Rose & Oud - Terminal B Store

DPS - Bali
Damask Rose & Oud

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Also Available as a Travel Tin

Bali (Airport Code: DPS) is highly regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. DPS was inspired by a honeymoon spent in Ubud, a town on the Indonesian island of Bali famed for its ancient Hindu shrines and temples, sprawling green rice terraces, magnificent rainforests and secret waterfalls. Imagine checking into a private villa enveloped by lush, tropical greenery that reflects in your own personal infinity pool. Damask Rose & Oud is a scent memorial of an aromatic flower bath enjoyed after a couple's massage in your villa. Oud compliments the whiffs of rose petals and adds intoxicating notes of incense reminiscent of the smoky incense that fills the street of Ubud.

Volume: 10.5 oz; Height: 4 in; Diameter: 3 1/4 in; Burn Time: 60+ hours depending on use and proper candle care.

Customer Reviews

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Absolute Elegance

This candle is lovely. It envelopes the space in the most serene and slightly sensual fragrance. I was concerned that it would be overwhelming but am pleased to find that it continually delivers a very balanced aroma.

paige mccracken
so amazing

i’ve had this candle since about january and i can’t stop burning it. the rose isn’t over powering and leaves such a subtle refreshing smell that won’t give you a headache like other candle brands

Amazing Candles and Customer service

Great experience! loved the packaging, scent and the amazing customer service

Prepare to be transported to Bali!

When I lit this candle, the scent filled the room, and my mind was flooded with memories of my time in Bali. The colorful offerings adorning the streets, incense, chanting, and the hypnotic sounds of gamelan filling the air. Mix that with Bali's endless beaches trimmed in aquamarine surf, emerald green jungles, beautiful waterfalls, and the iconic terraced verdant rice paddies, and you have the DPS candle. I love this candle and I think you will too.

Gifty Walker
All time favorite candle

This candle was gifted to me and it's become my all time favorite candle and scent! It's just so good!!! I am buying more for all my friends because everyone needs to experience this!!! It's so fragrant and it's proving to really last quite a while. Amazing packaging also which I can always get behind!


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